Terms & Conditions


CONGRATULATIONS, friends! You’ve made the decision to join The Sway Dashboard, the biggest and most engaged influencer network around. Our mission is to bring you smart social media opportunities that will ultimately support you on your road to success. To accomplish this goal, we have a few guidelines to abide by. Be sure to read through and let us know what questions you might have.

Terms and Conditions

Sponsored Post Overview

Payment Policy:

  • Our payment policy is simple - We do our very best to collect payments from PR agencies and companies we work with as quickly as possible. On average, your payment will be processed within a 45-day window. 
  • All payments are processed via Lumanu. In order to process your payment, your bank account must be connected in Lumanu. 

Our Commitment:

  • We will provide you with the very best in communication throughout all campaigns you complete with us. We will contact you using the email address you provide in our Dashboard, so please ensure that your email is up-to-date. 
  • We will provide you with the very best in support. We understand that not every marketing campaign is a fit for all influencers. If you have questions or experience any issues with the product or services provided, please contact us first so that we may work together to find a solution. We request that you not take any issues immediately to Sway’s Clients, Twitter, your blog, or another social media outlet.

Your Commitment:

  • You agree to be ethical and professional when you opt in to one of our campaigns. It’s important that you act with integrity and only opt in for programs that you truly value or when you are excited about the product.
  • You agree to take responsibility for any exclusions or conflicts. Sometimes our programs require you to agree to not work with a competitor for a certain period of time. Whenever this is the case, please note this on your calendar and be sure to not apply for anything that would be a concern. Additionally, if you may be prevented from working on a campaign due to an exclusivity provision in a separate contract, it is up to you to uphold the terms of your agreement. 
  • You agree to disclose your privacy policy to your audience. On campaign applications, we may require a link to your privacy policy to ensure that you are complying with any necessary data privacy laws.
  • If you are being paid in dollars (vs. receiving only product), you agree to write a sponsored post, and not a review. A review implies that you’ll be giving us your opinion of the product, which we cannot accept since you are being compensated. Instead, we want you to weave your personal stories and photos into a blog post based on a writing prompt that we provide.
  • You will participate and meet the deadlines associated with a campaign. While we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of all things online, we want to stress that by accepting a sponsored opportunity, you are committing to see the project through to completion. Backing out reflects poorly on you and the influencer community. We do understand that emergencies may arise and it will be your responsibility to contact your campaign contact as soon as you are aware of an issue that may impact your ability to publish as required. 
  • The content must be uploaded to the blog or social media profile that you submitted when you applied for this campaign. Please do not upload it to a separate blog, review site, etc, without first checking with us. 
  • You may not amend or delete sponsored content once it has gone live, unless we ask you to do so, other than to remove the tracking pixel code, as stated above. Your content should remain published indefinitely, so long as your blog and/or social media channel is still operational.
  • Your sponsored campaign content should not prominently feature any competitors of the brand you are being hired to represent, unless you are specifically asked to include such references. 
  • Please avoid featuring logos or branded materials in your post if they are not from the hiring brand. For example, if you are highlighting a running shoe, do not wear any fitness gear with visible logos that are from a different brand. 
  • Unless otherwise directed by Sway, your sponsored posts should not contain any affiliate links. 
  • All links to the sponsoring brand should be nofollow.  A detailed tutorial on nofollow links may be found here: http://www.thesitsgirls.com/no-follow-links-explained
  • You must have written email approval from Sway before featuring any of our sponsored campaigns in a case study or other promotional materials. 
  • Maintaining a balance between your sponsored content and your organic posts is very important! Brands love to work with influencers who are telling their own story first, and then weaving sponsored content into that narrative. 
  • You should actively engage with your readers if they comment your sponsored content. If any concerns arise, please bring them to our attention right away.
  • You are required to properly disclose that your content was sponsored. Please refer to our FTC Guidelines for additional information on how to disclose. 

Last updated: May 18, 2018