Additional Campaign Requirements

Additional campaign requirements you need to know


Image requirements

Ensure your images and/or videos are:

  • In-focus, simple, and clearly highlights the brand. The product(s) you receive should be in your photo(s).

    • Include the product with product labels or branding fully visible. This must be used in your social media posts. If you are writing a blog post, this must be used as the first image.

  • Include good lighting: Natural lighting is best. Beware of shooting your photos with a flash, as doing so may cause glare.

    • Note that Sway may lighten/brighten photos to ensure consistency across all of the campaign.

  • Social media friendly: It is recommended to

    • Use a modern, clean font in a large enough type size and a contrasting hue

    • Not obstruct visuals

    • Not communicate too many messages

  • Do NOT

    • Focus or highlight logos (other than the brand’s) of any sort.  This includes, but is not limited to, sports teams, brand logos, television/movies, and theme parks printed on clothing, hats, etc.

    • Feature words, sayings, or phrases that could be viewed as negative or offensive. For example: A “catchphrase” or saying on a t-shirt, hat, or signage is not permitted.


Social platform requirements


  • Ensure your post focuses ONLY on the product or brand for your campaign.

  • Keep all published content live for a minimum of one (1) year.

  • Turn off auto publishing on all social platforms. Do ensure any additional, not-required amplification includes both the campaign hashtag and AD (or campaign disclosure hashtag).

  • Keep the in its exact form that Sway provides it to you.

  • Follow FTC disclosure requirements, which are summarized in Sway’s guideline:


  • Show or mention any brand other than the sponsor in your content, even if they are not a direct competitor to the sponsor.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Other brand names, labels and/or logos

    • Sports team logos

    • Movie franchise logos, e.g., Star Wars, Marvel Comics, etc.

  • Include affiliate links in your photos or text descriptions.


Blog post requirements


  • Ensure your post focuses ONLY on the brand for this campaign.

  • Keep all links in your blog post live for a minimum of one (1) year.

  • Include a minimum of 450 words and a minimum of 5-6 high-quality, original images your blog post.

  • Include a disclosure before any links to the brand.

  • Publish your blog post on a weekday unless otherwise instructed.


  • Include ads within the body of your sponsored post, including display ads between paragraphs, roll over ads on your images, or ads on recipe cards. All ads must be turned off for the duration of the campaign, as well as the exclusivity period.

  • Include other brand names, products, brand labels, affiliate links, etc., in your photos or video.


Blog post disclosures

Your post must follow the disclosure guidelines provided for each campaign. Typically, this will include a natural language disclosure in the opening and a standardized disclosure at the end. Please refer to your creator brief on each campaign for the desired format.

Please refer to our FTC Guidelines for additional information on how to disclose:

Last updated: Nov 2023