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Here are the responses to our most frequently asked questions. If the answer you're looking for is not here, never fear! Just click the contact tab and we'll get in touch.

What does Sway have access to when I connect my networks?

It said "You are only providing read-only access to Insights data associated with the campaigns you participate in" but when I go to connect, it says you can manage my comments and create boards or save pins for me.

The verbiage you saw is from the social media channels themselves, e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, etc. They are very broad and meant to serve as a catch-all for everyone using this functionality in any absolutely scenario developers could dream up.

While authenticating your account can pass along this capability in theory, the fact of the matter is that we do not have any of these options within our system. We cannot (and would not) post, comment or create boards in any way.

You are only providing read-only access to insights data associated with campaigns you participate in, such as follower count, impressions, likes, comments, Instagram story views, etc.

We want you to rest assured that we have no intention of managing your business. We do not have access to post on your behalf. We are bound by the social media platforms and their verbiage (like other agencies and networks are) and unfortunately, can not change their standard language.

Did you get a message that your social connection has expired or will be expiring?

All social connections may require you to reconnect from time to time. This can be because you’ve updated your password or that particular social network’s token has expired. We will always reach out to you with instructions to reconnect when you have an upcoming campaign. You can check the status of your connections at any time by visiting your profile and clicking on “Social Platforms.”

Are you trying to link your social platforms in your Sway profile?

You will know that you’ve successfully linked your social platforms when you see the word “Linked” by each handle. (Please note, you can add your TikTok handle, but you will not be able to connect TikTok at this time.) 

It can take up to 24 hours for your connections to be recognized by the dashboard, so please try again if you receive the error message “you need to complete either one blog or one social property.”

Are you trying to apply to a campaign but getting the message that you need to “tell us the basics” in your profile?

Click on “show missing fields” in that message to get a detailed list of what is currently missing in your profile. Once you have updated those items you should be able to apply to the campaign.

When do I get paid?

We make payments in 60-90 days after campaign completion.
In campaigns spanning 3 or more months, payment schedules will be modified accordingly. 
Note that campaign completion is the delivery of our final report to a client, which typically happens three weeks following the submission of the last post.
At the close of a campaign, you will receive an email with a link to set up a free account with Lumanu.
In order to process your payment, your bank account must be connected in Lumanu.


Why wasn’t I selected for a campaign?

Unfortunately, we rarely know why certain influencers are not selected. It is really a matter of the client matching your content to their marketing efforts. Here are some possible reasons and action items that can help you get a better response next time you apply.

How do I know if I was chosen for a campaign?

If you are chosen for a campaign, we will notify you via email. At that point, you will be instructed to log back into the Sway Dashboard to retrieve your campaign instructions.

Do you have a minimum number of pageviews, fans, followers, etc. that I need to have in order to be selected?

We really don’t. Certainly if you have only 5 readers it will be harder to sell you in to a client, but sometimes we have very specific criteria to fill (regional or demographic) so our threshold for the number of page views drops dramatically. That said, it never hurts to improve your traffic, which is why we have so many amazing resources available at

What if I have more than one blog?

Busy, busy! No problem. We allow you to include multiple blogs and social accounts in the platform and stats section of your profile.

How often do you post new campaigns?

We post campaigns as they come in! This can be somewhat erratic. To make sure you do not miss a thing, subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the subscription box at the top of the homepage at You can also join our private Facebook group

What if the information on my profile page changes?

Please update your profile as necessary! If you move, or get pregnant or have any other changes that will affect the work we do with you, please remember to go to your profile, click “edit” and make any necessary updates.